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Youbet VPN Customer Support Center

Youbet VPN Support Center provides answers to frequently asked questions, user guides and customer assistance  to setup Youbet VPN on various devices.

Get answers to frequently asked questions to solve problems immediately.

A VPN is a virtual network that provides you with many advantages. It can hide your IP so you won’t be blocked from geo-restricted channels and websites. Moreover, it ensures your privacy and anonymity offering your sensitive data protection and much more freedom online.

There is a possibility that free VPNs sell users’ sensitive data to third parties. They want to make money in any way – if you do not pay them, there is someone else who pays money, so they use this option. Sometimes, your consent is needed but very often you even do not know about that.

Yes, we use VPN servers that are fully encrypted. The latest protocols are used such as OpenVPN UDP/TCP, IKEv2, L2TP/I7Psec, and PPTP.

One Youbet VPN subscription allows for using 5 devices at the same time.

We never log any data of yours for tracking your activity online and such information is never stored. The only information we can use is your email address. We can use it for setting our VPN connection, marketing purposes, and troubleshooting on your request. We also need some billing information for refunding, also on your request.

Sure, Youbet VPN allows for and maintains P2P on all our servers.

You know that VPN speed can depend on the quality and stability of your connection to the Internet. Some other factors can influence it greatly, for example, the type of VPN protocol you are using and your location. The distance between your real geo-position and a VPN server matters very much. That is why we recommend choosing the server which is located closest to your actual place of stay. In this case, the Youbet VPN service ensures a very stable and reliable speed.

You should be very attentive while choosing protocols for encryption. They influence speed very much. Keep in mind that PPTP allows for weaker protection but higher speed rates while the L2TP and OpenConnect provide much stronger encryption but the speed will be a little slower.

Of course, you will need to see how all this works. You can use all the Youbet VPN premium features and options. You are sure to try them to access the Internet. It is actually risk-free and you can be sure about your privacy and security while streaming any content and it won’t take you much effort to use our trial option.

Yes, you will have 5 days for our risk-free trial with all the premium features for your temporary account. We will not restrict your access to any platforms and options and you will use them in the way you could do it for other plans. As soon as the trial is over, you will be considered automatically subscribed to the annual plan if you do not opt for anything else.

You can do as you like and cancel the further annual subscription after your 5-day trial plan is over. However, you won’t be eligible for any refund since our policy does not provide refunds to trial users.

Address this question to our Support team and we will try to add is as soon as possible.

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