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How to hide your IP address

How to hide your IP address

It’s no secret that by having a person’s IP address, you can get his personal information: address, activity time, his devices and many others. In general, digital freedom is very valuable in 2020. It means that you can avoid getting tons of unnecessary advertisements, access restrictions (that is especially important for Eastern European countries) and fishing from cybercriminals. Look at how and why you need to hide your IP address on the Internet.

How can I hide my IP? There are several options:

  • Use a proxy server. It is the first layer of digital security that mediates between the user and the destination server. Technically, this is not very secure, and proxy servers tend to often clear the cache, work at low speed or even break;
  • Use a VPN. Unlike a proxy, a VPN service will prevent hackers from stealing your data by protecting it by anonymizing traffic and user location. Using VPN, you can also solve many different problems, for example, bypass access blocks based on geographic location and get access to any streaming platforms, social networks and even bookmakers;
  • Don’t use gadgets at all.

Risks related to user cookies

VPN security is only as strong as the method used to authenticate remote users and devices connected to the VPN. Simple authentication methods are vulnerable to password cracking, eavesdropping and even social engineering attacks. Unlike proxy servers, which are usually needed to sell all kinds of illegal stuff and carding, VPNs are used by large organizations and private users. What is a VPN for?

  • Avoid collecting confidential information;
  • Use any social media;
  • Hide your location;
  • Unblock sites not available in the region.

VPN encrypts all data that you send over the Internet.Once connected to the server, all your internet traffic will be protected. This way, no one can see what you are doing on the network, not even your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The encrypted data will prevent hackers from viewing sensitive information that you enter on the website, such as your password. This is especially important if you are using public Wi-Fi, as cybercriminals can easily track your connection on a public network. But a VPN can ensure that even if someone steals your data, they cannot decrypt or even interpret the content of the data.

Freedom is a trend

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