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Terms of Service

Usage Terms 

The present contract with Youbet VPN represented by «Walter Kaplan e.K.» allows you to use all its services and features that can be referred to successful communication through a virtual network working in a private mode. The service strictly disapproves of all attempts to use it for any criminal activities. Your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed. We need your consent and commitment not to break any legal regulations of your origin country or the country you have moved to.

Under these Terms of Service, you are subject to blocking, termination, and/or suspension of your Youbet VPN account when you are noticed engaged in any unwanted or illegal activities, such as phishing, cracking, hacking, fraud, virus distribution, or network sabotage. All users are agreed to be responsible for any unintentional or intentional breaches of service configuration and damage caused by their carelessness or neglecting simple rules of security. Youbet VPN has the right to terminate or suspend those users’ accounts that were noticed involved in any hazardous usage of our services and systems.

We are sure not to follow any activities of our users, such as the sites they visit, DNS they use, or their emailing. All the sensitive information is preserved completely confidentially and not shared with any third parties or members.

The present location can influence the quality of our service and its speed may differ. We provide it around the clock but reserve some time for fulfilling maintenance procedures, testing, and repair work. The speed can also be influenced by network compression, overloading, parameter changing, and other factors. Because of them, we cannot fully guarantee the timeliness and accurate delivery of information. Some roughness or delays may happen.


Restricted Utilization 

These terms, laws, and regulations can be applied to your permitted access to Youbet VPN and all the related services. We reserve the right to block the access to Youbet VPN for any users who break these rules and terms or any other legislative regulations. We can terminate such accounts without any consideration of time, making a notice or without it if it is required at our sole responsibility and decision.

While utilizing Youbet VPN, you provide your consent for not providing options, encouraging, or assisting other parties for the following:

  • All the illicit, illegal, fraudulent, or criminal activities including spamming, sending opt-in or unrequested emails, or any other messages of such kind in large quantities as well as port scanning. The unlawful activity will be counted on your part even if it is performed through third-party servers. That may also include any type of financial fraud, using stolen credit cards, sale of stolen goods and controlled substances, phishing, hacking, cloaking, and using the content propagating or connected to rape, kidnapping, or murder, and other similar criminal activities.
  • Using children in any kind of digital content, photography, audio, video, or any other way of their exploitation.
  • All immediate attempts to get the authorized access to any services, networks, computer systems related to Youbet VPN services with the help of mining passwords, hacking, forcing, or in any other way.
  • Utilizing services providing by Youbet VPN for torrenting that breaks copyright laws.
  • Receiving access that is unauthorized or blocking other users from any service, network, node, or computer by utilizing Youbet VPN options.
  • Distributing, spreading, or uploading any files that contain viruses, corrupted files, Trojans or worms, other types of harmful software that can prevent other users from utilizing their devices smoothly.
  • Attempts to interfere with or block Youbet VPN’s services or transactions or any other operations performed by us, intruding into our networking system or websites related to Youbet VPN services, or ignoring measures taken by us for Youbet VPN services access prevention or restriction.
  • Breaking any fair conduct, good custom, and moral norms.

Limited Liability

As an online service with straightforward policies, Youbet VPN shall deny any liability for any consequences related to this Agreement and products or services you have purchased and used from us if your choice led to lost profits, loss of your data and privacy, any damage to third parties, loss of any used service. Youbet’s VPN limited liability shall never exceed the costs paid by customers for our products and services. All other profits and losses are sure to be their responsibility and concern.

As a reliable service provider, Youbet VPN does not aim at enforcing the measures mentioned above to you. However, we want our customers to be aware of possible violations and their consequences, and the actions we may take in response to them.

Privacy Policy

Sensitive Information Is Carefully Protected 

Trust that Youbet VPN never collects your data. All the minimal information we may need serves for Youbet VPN running smoothly and service improvement. We never store any sensitive information about our users. The entire design of Youbet VPN does not mean sharing any sensitive information, even it is demanded by some regulations.

We never monitor any browsing activities and their history, assigned VPN IPs or unique IP addresses, connection logs and times, outgoing traffic, your DNS queries, or information you access with the help of our services or generate online. We never connect any specific activities to individual users or collect any type of such information for our own benefit.

What Kind of Information does Youbet VPN use?  

Some information, though, is required within the signup process so we may need the following:

  1. Your Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Payment Method

Customers’ Rights for Data Protection

If you need to delete your personal information from the account, you can make a request for it in our Members’ Area. Take into account, however, that the whole deletion process may take up to 30 days. You can request the deletion of your personal information, by accessing the Members Area. Do note though, it will take up to 30 days to complete the deletion process. Remember that your email address is kept on file to protect your account from creating fake copies of it and duplication. Though, you can request its removal if needed, too.

What Is Undertaken by Us When Customer’s Information Is Requested by an Authority?

We directly follow a zero-log policy. It means that we never collect and store information about our customers’ activities online. The only type of information is that our users provide us with when signing up for our website, for example, their names or email addresses

Restrictions by Age and Permits Required

Every service offered by Youbet VPN are meant for people who are 18 and over. Contact us ASAP if you have found out that any personal information of yours was given out by your child without your permission.

Proceeding with using our website, apps, and extensions, you agree to follow Youbet’s VPN Privacy Policy and Terms of Services.

Information for Communication and Contact 

You may need clarification on our privacy policy or want some additional information. Get in touch with us any time by writing an email at

Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy for New Subscriptions 

Being a new subscriber to Youbet VPN, you will receive a backup with a 10-day guarantee for money back. There are certain conditions when you can claim a full refund if you are a new subscriber. They are the following:

  • Your refund claim is made within 10 days since the date you subscribed to our services.
  • No rules and requirements mentioned in the Terms of Service have been violated, and your account has not been suspended for any reason by Youbet VPN.
  • A method of payment used by you does not include any cryptocurrency (such as BitPay, Bitcoin, or Coin Payments).
  • An option of claiming a refund during the period since this policy started has not recently been used by you.

The option of getting a full refund is available if you comply with all the criteria indicated above. To receive it, you have to email the support team at State your username for a VPN and indicate why you would like to cancel the subscription that already exists.

Non-Refundable Exclusions  

Keep in mind that the application of our refund policy is not applicable to some accounts that were created for specific needs (for example, fight plans or other special accounts).

  • The amount you have paid after the 5-day trial option is not refundable, either.

Customers Requesting a Refund Should Consider This Essential Note

Our process of refunding is entirely transparent. Youbet VPN considers and processes valid refund requests within 48 hours since the moment of the claim. The cost transfer to your credit cards may be proceeded within up to 40 days. It depends on your type of card, bank, or payment service provider you are using. No payment made through Bitcoin or Payment Wall is refundable.
The entire Refund Policy described here fully corresponds to all Terms and Conditions of Youbet VPN.

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